You want to recruit new brand buyers and re-engage lapsed buyers.  
You want to increase units per transaction and retention, and you want to shorten re-purchase cycles.  You want to sell in center aisles, not just off end-caps.  And you want to grow sales, capitalizing on the efficiency of right offers to right shoppers.


EntryPoint identifies your best prospects and executes targeted offer campaigns in-store to solve all these objectives.  We incent each household for trial, to then buy more, to defect less, and recruit new and lapsed buyers, all as essentially a turnkey continuity program for your brand to change, cement, and improve shopper behavior over time.

We deliver each shopper a Personal Circular of relevant offers – as shoppers enter the store and begin to shop – infused with the immediacy of "good today only."  Our follow-on reporting measures the impact on your sales, tracks re-purchase and retention rates, and provides more of the critical analysis you want.

Simple to set-up, with short lead time, My Personal Savings™ assures you the efficiency and results of delivering the Right Offer to the Right Shopper at the Right Time™.

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