Shoppers are dedicating less of their food dollars in the food channel.  
The implications show up in the data:  reduced brand & category conversion, less volume per purchase, smaller baskets, category avoiders and lapsed users.  Shoppers are cherry picking and avoiding certain sections of the store.  Fewer shoppers represent a larger share of volume and profits.  
Categories are at risk. 

Personalized Promotion is an efficient strategy to address these challenges, but that itself presents a challenge:  how do you get relevant offers in the hands of enough shoppers to impact your bottom line?


My Personal Savings™ scales to engage 20% of shoppers with relevant offers -- shoppers who impact over 50% of store sales weekly. We do it by removing the "work" for shoppers -- by not requiring them to search through hundreds of coupons to find the ones they want -- and by giving each shopper INSTANT access to a Personal Circular of relevant coupons, which we pre-target and dispense in-store, where it matters most.  For many busy shoppers, this is an easy and convenient solution and a good reason to shop at your store.

We source CPG offers valid "today only" to incent shoppers to "buy today," driving them down aisles they had not planned to shop and increasing category conversion.  Offers targeted for trial bring back lapsed users and category avoiders.  Offers for re-purchase and trade-up drive incrementality and increase basket.

EntryPoint delivers millions of relevant offers to shoppers each week and has a proven track record of increasing weekly baskets of engaged shoppers by +$11 and driving 1-2% total store sales growth.

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