Delhaize America Completes Deployment of MVP Savings Center in Food Lion

EntryPoint’s Leading-Edge 1-to-1 Marketing Program is Popular with Shoppers

Salisbury, NC, April 10, 2014: Delhaize America announced today that deployment of the MVP Savings Center Program into all 1,115 Food Lion stores has been completed. The program, implemented by EntryPoint Communications (EPC), is the industry’s first 1-to-1 marketing program to engage over 10% of shoppers with relevant offers at store entry for use in their current shopping trip and to measurably increase total store sales.

“Scan, Shop, Save…it’s that simple” said Mike Devlin, EPC’s Senior Vice President. “The beauty of this program is there is no pre-selecting of coupons required of shoppers. Shoppers simply scan their MVP Card or enter their phone number, and they instantly receive a custom printed sheet of up to 8 personalized deals, pre-targeted to them for redemption in that shopping trip.”

The MPV Savings Center Program is a custom implementation for Food Lion of EPC’s My Personal Savings program. The program offers a printed “personal circular” for each shopper, through a high-speed Print Station at store entry, and is supported by state-of-the-art targeting software and coupon content sourced by EPC’s sales team working with manufacturers. Every week, the program analyzes 500+ unadvertised specials against 65 weeks of Food Lion frequent shopper data to match the right offers to each shopping household that week.

“Since the offers are printed with today’s date as the expiration date, shoppers feel like they were just handed cash to buy items they want or are likely to want—and it’s use it today or lose it,” said Jackie Velokovich shopper marketing manager for Kraft Foods. ” The program is highly incremental and the most cost-effective spend for us outside of the mass Food Lion circular.” Food Lion also likes the “today only” feature because it “sends more shoppers down more aisles, and they tend to pick up more items than they would normally buy,” according to Devlin.

During the program’s deployment into Food Lion, shoppers have already received 434 million coupons, redeemed 5 million, and saved over $46 million. “Through use of their MVP Cards, Food Lion customers register their buying habits,” said Devlin, “and the EPC targeting assures these shoppers receive highly relevant offers to redeem every time they shop—and then they come back for more deals on future shopping trips.”

EPC’s targeting software compares each shopping household to all others in the chain to intuit shoppers’ buying interests not being acted on in Food Lion today. By targeting high potential category voids and lapsed categories, the program increases not only the total monthly basket of engaged households but also, by bonding shoppers closer to Food Lion, the numbers of trips per month. Because the program is so easy to use, shoppers across all sizes of basket use the program, not just top shoppers. In Q1 of 2014, the program is distributing over 4,000 relevant offers per week per store.

Food Lion is using the program to be the first grocery retailer to execute personalization as a go-to-market strategy and achieve large-scale shopper engagement. Food Lion uses The MVP Saving Center as an integral part of its 360 program, through which shoppers receive offers via their channel of preference whether it be direct mail, Shopper Companion, Catalina coupons at checkout, the MVP Savings Center, or mobile. All 360 program targeting is managed by EPC’s targeting engine.

“MVP Savings Centers are one more way that Food Lion customers can save money on the products they like.” Devlin said. “The MPV Savings Center is a key element of Food Lion’s commitment to Fresh, Easy, and Affordable.”

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Entry Point Communications (EPC) is a behavior-based marketing company that delivers personalized offers to shoppers as they start their shopping trips. Delivering the Right Offer to the Right Shopper at the Right Time™ builds loyalty to EPC’s partner retailers and is highly efficient for participating manufacturers. EPC is building a national grocery marketing network for large-scale 1-to-1 marketing. EPC is headquartered in Hamilton, New Jersey.

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