Rather than pre-shopping for coupons on the internet or navigating a phone app, many shoppers would prefer receiving pre-targeted, personalized promotions inside the store, in flow with their grocery shopping experience... easy, fast & convenient.


EntryPoint has reinvented in-store offer distribution to enable mass-engagement. Combining behind-the-scenes automated targeting with an instant-print Scan Station, EntryPoint pre-targets and delivers relevant offers in a solution as fluid as EZ Pass on the highway. Requiring only a simple card scan in a 5 second interaction on the path-to-purchase, shoppers receive their Personal Circular of 8 to 12 relevant offers, conveniently as they begin to shop.

Attracted to having the work of finding relevant offers done for them, over 20% of shopping HHs engage weekly, impacting 50% of store sales, and growing total store sales by 1-2%.

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